Memminger Mau

The Memminger Mau is actually a product of a Allgäu legend and is baked in the form of a round cake with a moon face at two regional festivals. It is also available in chocolate, marzipan or as a Springerle model.

The festival was and still is very popular. There were even parades for it.




In collectors' circles, the candy containers of the 'Memminger Mau', which exist in different sizes and shapes (they are round or egg-shaped), are said to be 'Dresden Ornaments´. In addition, the moon faces come in two varieties. One with the imprint "Gruß vom Memminger Mau!" and one without any imprint at all. The latter offered the possibility of using the candy containers neutrally. Whether one believes that the Memminger Mau moon faces are 'Dresden Ornaments´ or not is up to the individual.